Orthopedic Shoes for Women

Women’s orthopedic shoes have continued to evolve over the years in order to keep pace with the changing trends. With health being a very critical factor in people’s lives, these shoes offer more than just the health benefits. In fact, they are now being referred to as women’s stylish orthopedic shoes. This is because they no longer resemble Frankenstein shoes that consist of dull colors with bulky and boxy designs.

These shoes that are made from a range of materials come in a variety of styles and colors. Women can now wear healthy yet good looking shoes that have been recommended by a podiatrist. They are characterized by comfort and are very instrumental in the treatment as well as prevention of unhealthy foot conditions. They have been designed with both health and style in consideration. Most of them have removable insoles so as to accommodate custom-made orthotics.

Why These Shoes Are Important

Women of different ages are always active in a way. Whether they are in the corporate world, while busy in the house taking care of the entire household or even when they are in their golden years. This exposes them to unhealthy foot conditions. The conditions may result from certain medical conditions, injuries, aging or even wearing poorly designed footwear. This can in turn result in conditions such as bunions, calluses, hammertoes and deformed toes. These conditions are more rampant in women due to their love for fashion. Most of them tend to wear tight-fitting, pointed or high heeled shoes which lead to an unbalanced distribution of the person’s weight, resulting in unhealthy foot conditions. Investing in orthopedic footwear can significantly reduce the risk of developing unhealthy foot conditions as such feet remain comfortable and healthy.

Features of Women’s Orthopedic Footwear

Whether you are a diabetic looking for therapeutic shoes that have an extra depth, or an athlete looking for the best shoes, which will offer heel stabilization and support, while on the track, you can always find the right shoes. Below are some of the key features of these shoes:

1. Some have an anatomical foot-bed design and are wear-moldable. This feature enables them to confirm to the wearer’s foot regardless of their size or shape.

2. An Added Depth: The shoes have an added depth in the toe-box and the forefoot. This provides extra-room for free movement of the toes as well as provide enough space for the use of orthotics.

3. Padding: They have a soft padding to help relieve excessive pressure especially while in motion.

4. Cushioning: Closed versions of these shoes have a foam cushioned collar which helps to prevent heel slippage and reduce friction.

5. The Extended Medial Heel-Stabilizer: This feature helps in stabilizing the rear foot while minimizing slippage.

6. Removable Dual-density Insoles: The Insoles are made of a spongy material which absorbs any moisture from the foot and provide additional cushioning.

7. The shoes have a steel shank which provides stability and offer excellent support.

8. The lightweight out-sole helps in enhancing the shoe’s overall stability, ensure a proper fitting and easier mobility.

Whether you are a lady with unhealthy foot conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, ankles or back pain or just want stable, comfortable and healthy shoes for your feet, orthopedic Shoes for Women will be the best shoes for you.