Types of Cheap Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes

People are faced with various foot conditions and abnormalities from time to time. To help manage such challenges, orthopedic shoes were designed to not only reduce pain on the feet but to also around the legs and back.

With the growing demand for these shoes, Health Feet Store, Shoe Buy and other shoe stores are stocking cheap orthopedic shoes to meet the needs of all clients. The varieties of these shoes also cut across different needs of the clients and the pain levels. Some common types you will get at discounted prices include the wide-fitting shoes and those designed for fallen arches.

Types of Orthopedic Shoes

The first type is the wide-fitting shoes. These are comfortable and supportive shoes for athletes, diabetics and those with related problematic feet. The shoes offer great arch support, extra depth, wide toe boxes, breathable fabrics and modest heels. In most shoe stores, these shoes are as cheap as $70. They also come in varieties for all genders and some of the common brands include: Velcro Comfort Shoes and Ankle Boots and the Chantelle 2 Twin strap Casual Shoes. With such shoes, blisters, hammertoe and bunions are greatly prevented.

The Extra Strong Heels Orthopedic Shoes

These shoes are specifically designed for those who require better stability. Additionally, they enhance the body posture and balance. Some of the cheap brands in the market include the Spring Step Streetwise at $59.95, The Drew Tulip among others. The extra strong heels shoes also come in varieties for both men and women. The shoes also range from fully closed strapless shoes to the sandals. People with stability issues are then able to walk comfortably since the pressure exerted by the heel bone is properly absorbed.

Shoes Fitted with Padded Tongues

Padded tongues are specifically designed liners positioned inside the orthopedic shoes to provide extra cushion while reducing the pressure exerted on the top and side regions of the feet. Shoes fitted with these pads are highly recommended for people who are prone to blisters and callouses on their feet. In terms of price, these Tongue padded shoes come at a comparatively high price. Normally, the cheapest ones will go for around $114. It is however important to note that these pads can be customized to fit in your ordinary shoes.

Footpad Fitted Shoes

These shoes are highly recommended for people who experience foot swelling regularly. In case you are always moving by foot in most parts of the day, you are most susceptible to swellings and fitting footpads is a good solution. According to most orthopedics, these pads can always be customized to fit in your shoes. It is important to note that smaller footpads are convenient for days in which you experience more swelling while larger footpads are most appropriate for days with less swelling. Since you are allowed to customize these pads for yourself, you can always find a good bargain but if you would like to purchase padded shoes, the prices are normally as low as $89. With proper research, cheap orthopedic shoes can be found with ease.